Sunlight I saw far behind,

into the clouds it misted straight

 will never took the chance as then,

craved the edge as if was when.

Soliditary guillises I can’t dodge

Wearyness of changeless colors of the pledge

everyones jewel,

cannot be told – mistake – machine- 404-del

Gear was solid back then,

when the starlight strayed far above

Selling her beams as the rays of gold

nevertold wishes

Maybe you didn't tell her that

wanting never makes you sad

There's even more it too

illusional dreams,

never break in to

If you want sense,

understand that you must ask

Taming the wilderness

does not come easy as task

En ole noita miettinyt sen enempää, että sanotaan että ne ovat vaikkapa puoliraakoja. Korjailen myöhemmin kun muistan.